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Supplier Spotlight

Ariba Network suppliers share how they have benefitted from engaging in e-commerce with their customers on the world's largest business network.

James Finn, Senior Director of E-Commerce, Grainger
James Finn, Senior Director of E-Commerce, Grainger

“When our customers leverage SAP Ariba solutions to connect with Grainger, they see improved efficiency and productivity in their operations, streamlined processes, better visibility into data, and improved control. All of this results in real cost savings for both organizations.”

Georgiana Pierre-Louis
Georgiana Pierre-Louis, President and Principal Consultant, GPL Consulting, Inc.

"Joining SAP Ariba at the request of one customer made it easier for me to contract and engage with additional corporate clients. It greatly reduced the time between contracting, invoicing, and receiving payments, which is important to me as a small business owner."

Hank Beckmann
Henrik Beckmann, Managing Director, Momentum Data

"The unified process of SAP Ariba has enabled our enterprise clients to consistently introduce us to new B2B Marketing departments, bringing our client base to 20 markets on five continents and easing the administration side of growing within target accounts."

Ellen Conner
Ellen Conner, Head of Business Operations, Lawyers on Demand

"Many of our new clients use SAP Ariba. Clients are always happy to hear we are established as part of the SAP Ariba supplier network, making procurement onboarding simple and streamlined. Anything that makes our clients lives easier is a win in our books!"

Boy Opmeer
Boy Opmeer, CEO, Opmeer papier pixels projecten

"As a total provider of communication solutions, Ariba Network helps us serve our customers with their communication products in a creative, functional way. An excellent, much appreciated service for working with our customers."

Anita Foxcroft
Anita Foxcroft, Director, Impulse Getaways

"SAP Ariba is very user friendly and easy to access. It has simplified invoicing and the approval of service entry sheets. Our average time to get invoices paid has gone from over 60 days to just over 30 days. This system also conveniently keeps all documents like purchase orders and payments in one place."

Andy Kindermann
Andy Kindermann, Head of Sales, PrintPlanet GmbH

"Thanks to our many years of successful work with SAP Ariba, we can already quickly and easily serve many customers across Europe with products that otherwise require time-consuming manual coordination."

Nikki Noack, Major Accounts Director, IPA Personnel Services, appearing in the Ariba Network Supplier Spotlight
Nikki Noack, Major Accounts Director, IPA Personnel Services

"Across Ariba Network, our clients are recognizing the enormous value of buying from social enterprises in their supply chains. As a supplier, it’s great to be able to offer these social procurement benefits through SAP, themselves as a Social Traders buyer member."

Yannick Laporte, CEO, Sonepar Brasil, appearing in the Ariba Network Supplier Spotlight
Yannick Laporte, CEO, Sonepar Brasil

"Sonepar Brasil is accelerating the digital transformation of the company and SAP Ariba is a great partner in this journey. With the digital tools, our sales teams are able to reduce time with operational processes, meanwhile work qualitatively and focus the efforts to generate added value for our customers.”

Brandon Ryan
Brandon Ryan, Marketing Director, MIDCO Global

"SAP Ariba has allowed our small business in the agricultural space to utilize technology to service the top players and remain competitive. SAP creates a seamless link between our system and our customer's with minimal infrastructure investment."

P Harikumar
Harikumar P., CEO, Travancore Analytics

"We started working with one of our largest customers on Ariba Network in 2018 and it has allowed us to manage our business operations more efficiently."

Luke Parker, Director, Acres Engineering, appearing in the Ariba Network Supplier Spotlight
Luke Parker, Director, Acres Engineering Limited

"SAP Ariba is used by a number of our clients and allows easy processing from order to payment in a single solution."

Steve Reeves
Steve Reeves, E-Business Specialist, Softcat Plc

"In the highly competitive IT Reseller industry we need to be more intelligent than just saving customers a few pounds per product. SAP Ariba allows us to show real savings to our clients on their ordering costs through the process efficiencies on both sides."

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