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Interoperability Partners

Expanding the reach and value of business networks for greater collaboration, process efficiency, and alignments between SAP Ariba customers and their trading partners.

Delivering more connections and opportunities for both buyers and suppliers

SAP Ariba interoperability partners can expand the value we deliver to our customers by offering the widest network reach to our business partners. The result is improved collaboration, process efficiency, and greater alignment between SAP Ariba customers and their trading partners.

For SAP Ariba customers, interoperability means that all SAP Ariba buyers can transact with suppliers that use other business networks integrated with Ariba Network. For SAP Ariba suppliers, interoperability means that suppliers can transact with their customers on connected partner networks and expand sales opportunities on similar networks. Additionally, these network partners offer additional functionality, formats, and connectivity, and provide regulatory consistent solutions in additional countries.

Key Features

Industry Specific

Access to trade with more companies on industry-specific business networks


Capabilities to do business with companies operating in other countries and regions of the world


Integration capabilities and industry-specific protocols and formats


Connectivity for suppliers using third party e-invoicing services

Sean M. Thompson, SAP Ariba Executive Vice President, Network and Ecosystem talks about our partners

We are opening Ariba Network to well-established geographic and industry-specific networks that are preferred for their unique capabilities with regulations, protocols and formats. With this move, we are taking a leading step forward to create a network of networks that delivers even greater value to our customers.

Sean Thompson, SVP, Business Network and Ecosystem, SAP Ariba and SAP Fieldglass

Our Partners

An executive explains a whiteboard filled with sticky notes to a colleague

Connectivity between Ariba Network and Conextrade’s B2B network means that buyers on Ariba Network can transact with suppliers on Conextrade’s network in a seamless unified system.

About Conextrade
Three coworkers discuss the merits of different SAP Ariba interoperability partners

Founded in 2000, Elemica offers a leading, end-to-end digital supply network in the petrochemical industry that enables manufacturing enterprises to automate, accelerate, and move transactions.

About Elemica
Image of three students used to feature SAP Ariba Interoperability partner Pagero

Pagero, a privately-held, Swedish-based, open business network, helps expand the global reach of SAP Ariba solutions to present and future businesses.

About Pagero
Three coworkers stand over a conference room table reviewing integration solutions

SEEBURGER, a German company, provides integration solutions to automate processes between Ariba Network and other applications and services.

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