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Strengthen your brands with SAP procurement and supply chain solutions

It’s a tricky landscape your company navigates. You work hard to produce competitive products in an environment of shifting consumer preferences, regulatory requirements, and supply chain disruption threats. Striving to introduce new products to the market as quickly as possible, innovate for greater customer value, and grow operating profit.

SAP has some ways to make things easier, and better. With SAP Ariba solutions and Ariba Network, you can implement procurement and supply chain strategies that can help drive innovation and strengthen your brands through:

  • Stronger supplier collaboration and relationships

  • Enhanced social and environmental sustainability

  • More strategic sourcing of both direct and indirect materials

  • Greater process efficiency and team productivity

  • Controlled and compliant spending to reduce costs and risks

  • Rapid and effective response to supply chain disruption

The SAP Advantage

Faster time to market

Integrate your source-to-pay processes end to end, increasing visibility into your supply chains, inventory, and supplier relationships to support on-time delivery and get new products to market faster.

Brand protection

Move products quickly to market to strengthen customer awareness and loyalty, while also taking steps to keep risks from deep in your supply chain – including forced labor and environmental concerns – from damaging reputation and customer perception.

Optimized inventory

Align a complex chain of suppliers, distributors, co-packers, and co-manufacturers to keep the right amount of inventory on hand, minimize stock-outs, and know which suppliers can handle unexpected demand shifts.

Optimized external workforce

Find and manage external workers faster and easier to manage through business cycle shifts and supply chain changes, acquiring the capacity and skills you need to reduce constraints on co-manufacturers and consumer product companies.

Minimized downtime

Operate facilities, such as those producing fast-moving consumer goods, with coordinated and timely management of equipment maintenance, spare parts availability, and workforce skills to keep things running with minimal downtime.

All spend under management

Bring all spend under management, from all facilities and companies, including marketing, travel and expense, janitorial services, and office supplies, to reduce costs and risks.

Contract leakage mitigation

Rely on a global sourcing platform with built-in contract and supplier management tools, integrated with your ERP, to drive systematic compliance across buying channels.

Better working capital management

With invoice management, discount management, and working capital management services, you can improve cash flow, increase net income, free up working capital, and further stabilize supply chains.

Real Customers, Real Results library thumbnail for business transformation study about SAP customer Woolsworths

“Partnering with SAP on our transformation journey, we’re making procurement simpler for stores with the rollout of SAP Ariba solutions as our single platform for the procurement of all nontrade goods.”

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“Our implementation went smoothly with few issues, and we are conducting transactions with more than 200 of our vendors using Ariba Network. Now, we can count on process improvements, reliable delivery dates, and time saved.”

Read case study library thumbnail for case study about SAP Fieldglass customer PVH

“HR and procurement teams worked together on our implementation of SAP Fieldglass solutions, giving us one centralized location to manage every stage involved in engaging and managing external resources giving us more oversight and control.”

Read the PVH study

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